Awesome Menu

All dishes on your menu will appear on the website along with their ingredients and images. Customers will therefore know exactly what they are ordering.


The website offers a live cart where customers can calculate the total cost of meals, along with the tax applicable, for that particular transaction.

Order History

One of the greatest features of our website is online meal ordering which enables customers to remotely place orders and pre-orders with the restaurant.

Customer Profiles

Your customers will feel connected and valued as they have the ability to create accounts on your website and keep track of their previous meal orders.

About Us

A dedicated ‘About Us’ page will enable customers to read all about the restaurant and learn more about your food and menus.

Events Page

The ‘Events’ section on the homepage of the website is dedicated to keeping customers up to date with any upcoming events at your restaurant.

Personal Branding

Your own website is, of course, the best way to carry out marketing campaigns and introduce your brand to the countless people around you.

Discounts & Vouchers

The website enables you to offer discounts and vouchers to particular customers and these can be directly applied on the website during billing.

SEO Optimized Site

An SEO-optimized website will help your business to rank highly on Google and will therefore bring in additional customers with little effort.

Mobile Application

Your Restaurant’s Branded App

  • Personal Branding:

    Every restaurant needs a strong base and technological edge to become popular among customers. Your personal mobile app will enable customers to recognize how you are different and distinct from your competitors.

  • Cart Process:

    Smart cart allows the user to increase or decrease the quantity of the items in their cart, check prices and select any delivery address from their address book before the order is placed.

  • Customer Accounts:

    Customers can create their own account on a secure database and the restaurant can manage its customers, while securely retaining their information.

  • Push Notifications:

    Push notifications will pop up on the mobile screen of the right customer at the right time. It allows real-time communication with your customers and will keep them constantly in touch with the restaurant through new offers and promotions.

  • Table Reservation:

    Our state of the art mobile app will allow your customers to book tables in advance while, at the same time, managers will have the ability to approve bookings.

  • Android & iOS:

    You’ll have your personal mobile app published on both the Apple & Android App Store, so everyone can download it easily. Your app will be compatible with all the latest operating systems and mobile devices.

  • Fast & Reliable:

    Your restaurant’s Branded App will be much faster than a regular web browser and we have taken all precautions to make it as secure as possible.

Admin Panel & Admin App

  • Multi Branch:

    Our restaurant solution will give you the ease of managing multiple branches from one place. On the other hand it will also allow the user to select their nearest branch for placing orders.

  • Dashboard:

    A comprehensive dashboard will bring everything together about your restaurant on one page. At a glance you'll be able to see how your restaurant is doing.

  • Menu Management:

    Changing menu items on the website is just a matter of a few clicks. Items and new offers can be updated on the website instantly.

  • Order Management:

    There is an interactive interface for reception and kitchen staff to handle online orders efficiently.

  • Customer Management:

    The system provides a secure platform to save your customer data and monitor their activities over time.

  • Delivery Areas:

    The delivery areas section will allow you to keep customers informed of the areas you can deliver to.

  • Settings:

    The settings tab is a group of functions regarding the countless options that will provide you with personalized control over the system.

  • Reports:

    The reporting section produces comprehensive reports for restaurant managers and owners. This meets all the reporting needs of a restaurant.

  • Promotions & Marketing:

    Promotions can be launched and tailored for specific areas or groups of customers. This section also deals with the direct promotions available through mobile app push notifications, which always keep your clients connected to you.

  • Online Table Booking:

    A separate table booking and reservations section allows managers to offer online booking to customers. It further allows them to keep track of inbound customers and occupied tables.

  • Content Management:

    With the content management section you can edit your 'About' section, change menu items and images as well as any other information that your customers will see when using your app.

  • Payment Method Configuration:

    You will have complete control of which payment methods your restaurant will accept, including Paypal, credit/debit cards and cash upon delivery. The choice is yours.

Rider App

Monitor your rider’s performance and keep track of orders journey in real time with our rider app. Here are some of the business-oriented featured of our app.

  • Real-time Rider Location
  • Distance & Time to Destination
  • Rider's Orders History
  • Map Directions
  • Economic & Reliable
  • Performance Measurement
  • User-Friendly
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones

Point of Sale (POS)

An advance POS is every restaurant’s need, and we are offering you a POS that will allow your restaurant to be smartly manged and remotely accessed

  • Smart Menu
  • Check Out
  • Online Order Handling
  • Table Reservation
  • Customer Handling
  • Online/Offline Backup
  • Table Occupancy Management
  • Remote Access
  • Multi Security Levels
  • Quick and Portable
  • Sylish & Practical
  • For Desktop & Tablet
  • Smart Waiter App


At Maduber we develop all of our products using the latest technology. This allows us to provide your restaurant with the best and most stable products, no matter what your requirements are.

















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