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How do Maduber’s online ordering Solutions Work for Restaurateurs?

When it comes to making an online existence, restaurateurs must ensure the quality of the solutions they are going to rely on. As Maduber has been providing exceptional services for many years so it makes sure to guide the clients regarding the details of its every solution. See how these solutions work and why should you rely on them!


The website of a restaurant shows a detailed picture as when a customer lands your website, he can search for the menu, address, contact info, and many more categories with a single click. Maduber not only develops a website for you but it makes sure to do the search engine optimization that ranks the site in top search results. More on, the ‘About Us’ page allows people to know what your restaurant is exactly about so they put more trust in you.

The website gives you an easy path to do personal branding as you can run as many marketing campaigns as you want. The event page is specifically designed on the website to let people know regarding your upcoming and most successful events. Well, the best thing is the facility of creating customer profiles as people can create their own profile on your site to stay connected. These accounts or profiles basically help you analyzing the interests of customers and their preferences too.

  • Food cart where customers add their favourite dishes
  • Complete order history
  • Attractive and user-friendly customer profile
  • Tell people about your restaurant
  • The website lets people know about your events
  • Do personal branding in the best way

You must have heard about online meal ordering, Maduber adds this feature too. Customers who create a profile on the site can effortlessly place orders and can view the order history too. Moreover, they can keep a track of previous orders as well which is undoubtedly a great advantage. In short, Maduber designs a user-friendly website that actually introduces your business as a brand and this is how you become able to step ahead from others.

Mobile App

The mobile app seems a must-have thing for businesses but not every application can help you meet the business objective so it is crucial having an app that can actually bring more traffic to your restaurant. Sometimes the application doesn’t give customers a user-friendly experience and you do not get the required outcome however as far as it is about Maduber’s services, here developers and experts make sure to design the application in a way that users find it quite easy to order food online.

  • Push Notifications keep you updated
  • Online table reservation saves time
  • Quicker response to the queries of customers
  • Works smoothly on Android and IOS
  • More reliable
  • Fast processing

Once you launch a mobile app for your restaurant, people simply log in and scroll down to choose their favourite meal. The app basically makes the food ordering process easier and more reliable as people can even pay the bill through the app by using their card and cash on delivery option is also valid in this case. Besides, you can mitigate the risk of voluntary misappropriations in this way because your managers and cashiers won’t be able to do fraud as the app lets you control the ‘cash in’ and ‘cash out’ in a certain organized way.

More on, you will be free to update the menu right at the time when you introduce it in the restaurant. This is how you can keep people up to date regarding the menu, prices, discount offers, and upcoming events.

Admin Panel 

Admin Panel plays a crucial role in online ordering and that’s why you must possess bit knowledge about it, however, Maduber makes sure to train the clients regarding the use of online ordering solutions. Handling chores of multiple branches is also not a big deal because admin panel allows easy use. Managers or restaurateurs can handle various tasks at one place whereas customers also get the facility to order food from their nearest branch. All they would need to do is entering the nearest branch’s name and they’ll directly land onto that branch. This is how it works and makes your business tasks easier for you. In short admin panel helps you to handle business activities in a controlled way.

  • One screen lets you handle the tasks of multiple branches
  • More organized way to handle business activities
  • Timely handling of orders
  • The user-friendly and easy process
  • Accurate identification of delivery areas
  • Effortless yet organized order management

There are many more exciting features of Maduber’s online ordering solution, however, all those who are striving for making a prominent reputation in the food industry should definitely go for the digital existence. Besides these facts, the majority of the restaurateurs believe that Maduber is proving a golden spoon for restaurants because they have experienced a real growth in their business. In short, if you want to strive less but earn more then definitely, a mobile app is a necessity for your business and Maduber is a company that restaurateurs can actually rely on as its POS is also a major kick for the traditional sales recording system.

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